8.5 Acres Of Campus With All Facilities of International Standard

The following facilities are provided at the campus:

The new academic building have attractive classrooms. Each room has adequate storage provisions for the entire c lass. The building is networked to provide adequate computers. In addition to regular classroom, the building has classrooms equipped with multimedia projector s, language rooms, science labs, computer lab, music and dance rooms, staff rooms, adequate washroom facilities for boys and girls.

This Half size athletic field has provision for an 81ane 200 metertrack, afull size football field and facilities for all field events.

A large skating rink, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts and badminton courts are also proposed in the op en space between the buildings.

All latest safety precautions, including intrusion alarms and fire-fighting equipments are provided.

Co-curricular activities through different Hobby Clubs like Dance, Music, Art & Craft, Adventure Sports, Digital Photography & Science etc.


24 hours health care is available 7 days a week under qualified doctors.


School Information  
Does It Have Library Software? No
Library Size (In Sq. Meters) 55.742
Computer Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 65.03
Composite Science Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 65.03
Chemistry Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 65.03
Physics Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 65.03
How Many Rooms Between 400 To 500 Sq Ft 9
Does It Have Library Internet No
Total Number Of Laboratory 03
Biology Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 54.741
Mathematics Lab Size (In Sq. Meters) 43.02
How Many Rooms Less Than 400 Sq Ft 6
How Many Rooms Greater Than 500 Sq Ft 25
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Physical Infrastructure

School Information  
Total Number Of Sites Of School 1
Total Number Of Playgrounds In School 5
Number Of Building Blocks Of School 1
Total Number Of Rooms 40
Total Number Of Medium-Sized Rooms 9
Number Of Auditoriums 1
Total Number Of Digital Classrooms 2
Total Number Of Libraries 1
Total Number Of Female Rest Rooms 01
Total Number Of Canteens 1
Total Number Of Toilets 10
Total Number Of Boys' Toilets 3
Total Number Of Washrooms For Female Staff 1
Total Area Of School In Square Metres 18215
Total Area Of Playground In Square Metres 7200
Does The School Has A Boundary Wall? Yes
Total Number Of Small-Sized Rooms 6
Number Of Large-Sized Rooms 25
Total Number Of Activity Rooms 6
Total Number Of Lifts/Elevators 0
Total Number Of Laboratories 4
Total Number Of Male Rest Rooms 1
Number Of Staff Canteens 1
Number Of Girls' Toilets 3
Number Of Toilets For Differently Abled Persons 2
Number Of Washrooms For Male Staff 3

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